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Cancer Patient Navigators of Georgia


Welcome to the Cancer Patient Navigators of Georgia website!

Cancer Patient Navigators of Georgia is a statewide organization of people who guide individuals and their families through the continuum of cancer care.


Our mission is to connect, educate and share best practices among patient navigators in Georgia, so that together we can successfully reduce barriers and increase access to services specifically related to cancer.




Save the date for the Cancer Patient Navigators of Georgia Regional Meeting March 9, 2020, at Floyd Medical Center,   Rome, GA. See the link below for further details and registration information.

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Patient navigation will play a consistent, defined and sustainable role for all Georgians throughout the cancer continuum to include prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, survivorship and end of life care.


CPNG includes individuals who serve people with all types of cancer, at all stages, in all types of settings, with a diversity of education and training, but a shared mission.

CPNG seeks to participate in defining the field of patient navigation with appropriate core competencies for navigators. 

CPNG strives for excellence through a conscious effort to unite, connect, and share best practices through statewide communications and networking.

CPNG shares a sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it.

Holistic Approach
CPNG believes that all aspects of people's needs -- psychological, physical,  social and spiritual -- should be taken into account and seen as a whole.


  1. Build a shared sense of purpose. 
  2. Attract and sustain membership. 
  3. Identify the needs of CPNs and match them with resources. 
  4. Foster collaboration. 
  5. Share best practices. 
  6. Define the value of CPNs in affecting overall outcomes. 
  7. Bring clarity/structure to the role of CPNs in Georgia. 
  8. Educate target audiences about the significance of CPN









The development of Cancer Patient Navigators of Georgia is supported by Gasco and GCC